Drive-Up Systems

American Vault 700 Series Remote Transaction System

700 Series

700 Series 2

700 Series 3

This transaction system between tellers and customers carefully and efficiently handles the items placed inside the tubing. The construction of the machine is made with long-lasting materials that are aesthetically pleasing. It’s compact size ensures multiple drive through lanes for any banking facility.

American Vault 700 Series


American Vault 300 Series Deal Drawer

AV 300 Series Deal Drawer

300 Series Deal Drawer 2

300 Series Deal Drawer 3

American Vaults are known for having top of the line banking equipment, and it shows with their 300 Series Deal Drawer. It’s design and construction is ideal for a comfortable workspace for those behind the desk of a bank. Some features include optional heater, large capacity, a “keyless” security lock, and is prewired for an audio system.

American Vault 300 Series Deal Drawer